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Here you go. I answered them all.

1. Please tell us your Hand Name (name that’s used ONLY in internet.) and hometown.
a) MissFaerytale // b) Southern Illinois. I won't bother telling you WHERE EXACTLY because you won't know where it is, anyways.
2. About how long is your history as a Lolita?
Pssh. Not even a year. I bought my first dress in November 2010 made my first Lolita skirt in December 2010.
3. What first motivated you to do Lolita fashion?
I read a book called Japanese Schoolgirl Inferno by Patrick Macias and Izumi Evers. There was a giant section in there about Lolita. I finally realized I was not happy simply trying to copy the goths or wearing witty-talking-food shirts.
4. After knowing Lolita fashion, have you had any time-gap or resistance till you actually started to be Lolita?
Yush. After I read about it, I was afraid to ask my mom about it because the first time I brought it up she automatically associated it with the book by Vladimir Nabokov and asked me a ton of questions about it.
5. Please define your Lolita style as much as possible. (eg. gothic Lolita, sweet Lolita, white Lolita…. Etc).
Oh, gawrsh. I don't know. I'm still pretty new, so I don't really have a style. At the beginning, I was sort of classic-ish. Now, I'm leaning more toward sweet.
6. About how many Lolita friends do you have?
Zero. I am the population of the Washington County, Illinois Lolitas.
7. What is the best thing about doing Lolita?
It makes me feel pretty and gives me confidence. Too bad my momma doesn't believe me.
8. Conversely, what's the worst thing?
Brand is so darn expensive! Also, I am utterly disproportional.
9. Which Lolita Brands do you like?
Hm. I've never bought brand, but I like Angelic Pretty. I also like Meta's non-"WTF?!" items and BTSSB.
10. What was the first Lolita item that you’ve owned?
A dress from Rakuen Fashion, an American Lolita store.
11. What is the “must have!” Lolita item?
You can't just choose one! There are so many! Pettis, tights/socks, a headpiece of some sort...
12. Do you wear drawers?
13. Do you have any favourite Japanese music?
LM.C, The Gazette, and Abingdon Boys School. Attractive vocalists, good music.
14. Where do you particularly visit as Lolita?
I wore my skirt once to the movies. Other than that, nowhere. I lack season-appropriate clothing.
15. About how many times per week do you dress as Lolita?
Hardly. I'm new and I don't have that many clothes.
16. Please tell us about one embarrassing episode from the time when you were
just beginning Lolita.
Well... when I wore my Rakuen dress to a convention, the chest area and and the sleeves were too big, and being the noob I am, I didn't have a blouse or something to go under it. I kept having to pull up the sleeves so my bra straps didn't show.
17. What's hairstyle and color that you think Lolita would suite the most?
Long straight hair with nice fringe, or curly pigtails, also with nice fringe.
18. Have you ever thought of stopping Lolita? The reason?
No. I just started.
19. Please tell us your heart's bible as a Lolita. (anything like a book, magazine, CD, idol...)
20. Do you own a doll? Tell us your feelings about her intensely!
I wish! I mean, don't own a Lolita-style doll, but I own 3 1940s/original Barbie-inspired dolls. The one with brown curly hair is named Jill, and personally, I believe she looks best in the purple dress with the pencil skirt. The one with long, wavy red hair I haven't named, but she looks prettiest in the dress she came in - a long, flowy, green and gold thing. The one with curly white hair is my favorite! Her name is Gwen. She looks prettiest in, like, any of the outfits I put her in. Oh, listen to me. You got me sounding like a six-year-old!
21. What kind of make-up do you wear when you wear Lolita clothes?
Foundation, black mascara, black eyeliner, white eyeliner, 2 shades of bronze-ish eyeshadow.
22. Have you ever secretly changed clothes in a train station bathroom on Lolita day-out?
23. Are you composed when doing Lolita all by yourself?
24. How much do you spend in your Lolita clothes& accessary monthly?
I don't buy often. If I do, I always look for deals. What can I say? I'm cheap. Mostly I make my own clothes.
25. What is the most expensive Lolita thing you've bought so far? How much was it?
My Rakuen dress. $135.
26. So far about how much has the expense been for Lolita goods?
Not counting the fabric my mother so graciously buys me, it's probably about... 170-some dollars?
27. Lolita outfit really costs money. How do you raise money to cover the cost of
Saving my allowance, making sure my senile grandfather doesn't leave the house, buying second-hand or from stores like Bodyline, Anna House, or Qutieland.
28. Have you ever bought from an online store? If so, please tell us its good
and bad points and some advice for the future. If not, please tell us why not.
Rakuen Fashion is the only online store I've ever bought from. It's based in Washington State, and it took about a few weeks for the dress to arrive, but the it was suberbly sewn and it arrived on my doorstep in excellent condition.
29. Even if you sort of want to keep it a secret, please clandestinely tell us
about a private manufacturer that is the best.
Sorry, I'm not that experienced.
30. Is there a brand and/or an item that you think, "I could never get it! But I unreasonably want it!"?
Any brand dress I am attracted to. I lust like mad for it, but the prices! I fear it shall never be...
31. What do you think about people who only do Lolita at music-lives or cosplay?
I don't care, really. But if they are wearing it, they shouldn't integrate it in with any cosplay stuff.
32. From what age to what age is it acceptable to do Lolita? Do you think that there's a state in which someone must graduate from
Lolita? (you can answer as ‘never graduate’)
I think if you are under 13, then you are probably too young. I think if you are over 40, it's time you started wearing normal people clothes. Although, I do know of some older women on LolitaFashion.org who wear Lolita. I guess you really have to have some self-confidence if you are over 40 and wearing Lolita. Even then, I don't think it would be appropriate to wear sweet. Maybe something more mature, like Classic.
33. Is there a Lolita fashion or behavior that you think "I don't want Lolitas to do this!" about?
Don't go being all vulgar and start behaving recklessly when you're wearing Lolita in public. For one thing, it's bad social behaviour, not to mention incredibly rude to the people around you, and two, it gives Lolitas a bad name. A normal person may not know your wearing Lolita, but they may see someone else who is wearing it on a separate occasion, think back to your bad behaviour and say to themselves, "Oh, the girl then was wearing similar clothes to that girl over there. They must behave similarly, as well."
34. Is there something you think "Lolita has to be this way!" about?
Pretty and composed.
35. While doing Lolita, has something changed from earlier than you did Lolita?
I have more confidence. I feel like a different person. I feel pretty.
36. Do you go to school/work as Lolita?
Sadly, no.
37. Do you wear Lolita clothes as casual wear?
Once. When I went to the movies.
38. Do you have a boyfriend (or husband)? Do you understand each other? (I think she meant “Does he understand you (as lolita)?”)
I don't have a boyfriend, but there is someone I like. He likes me back, but we agreed we wouldn't start dating until the school year began. So he's never seen me wear Lolita.
39. What do the people around you think of your doing Lolita? Do they accept it?
Yes, my friends who have seen me in Lolita and my anime-loving friends accept it. My female friends think it's pretty cool. My parents accept it, too. My mom is excited that I sew my own clothes.
40. What kind of Lolita is who has impressed you the most up until now?
Brolitas. I've only met two, and both encounters were fairly brief. The first Brolita I met took my picture at a con (even though I wasn't wearing Lolita!), and that was the extent of it. The next Brolita, on a separate occasion, complimented my dress and we had a short discussion about brands. Both times, the guys were very polite and friendly. I also admire Brolitas. I can only imagine the copious amounts of confidence it takes for them to walk around in frilly girl clothes.
41. Have you ever made your own Lolita clothing or/and accessories? If so, what was the best item that you’ve made?
Yes. I made a dark red skirt with a black ribbon going around the hem and a little black bow attached to the ribbon. It's my only homemade piece so far.
42. If you have an ideal Lolita outfit or coordination, please tell us.
A yellow, cupcake-print dress with a matching head bow, a white blouse, pink shoes, and white knee socks.
43. Is there a motif that you think “this is a simple of Lolita”?
I think I know what you mean, and I would say... cake. Or something. Cookies. Tea. Any of those.
44. Would you want to dress your children as Lolita?
I'm too young to have kids!
45. What's your image of the ideal Lolita?
Someone who not only enjoys wearing Lolita, but someone who can wear it in public confidently, and who knows how to wear it well.
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