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My 45~

 1. Please tell us your Hand Name (name that’s used ONLY in internet.) and hometown.
monchdroof, or Fling. Im from Oklahoma City!

2. About how long is your history as a Lolita?
Oh, since I was young, I guess? My sister really loved it and showed it to me, but I didnt get into it until I was about 18 I think.

3. What first motivated you to do Lolita fashion?
My best friend and forever fashion inspiration!

4. After knowing Lolita fashion, have you had any time-gap or resistance till you actually started to be Lolita?
No resistance, but I waited until I moved out until I started wearing it all the time.

5. Please define your Lolita style as much as possible. (eg. gothic Lolita, sweet Lolita, white Lolita…. Etc).
Uhm, casual, sweet and classic I think? I dont really have anything OTT in any style! I guess Im not very bold!

6. About how many Lolita friends do you have?
Uh, mostly the amazing ladies I meet up with, so... I cant remember everyone! A lot, though, Im really lucky!

7. What is the best thing about doing Lolita?
All the amazing clothes you get to wear! But really, it sounds silly, but its the feeling of wearing it. When you put on your outfit, you feel invincible! ...At least, I do.

8. Conversely, what's the worst thing?
Definitely the heat. I am a bit dainty anyway, so getting dirty has never been much of an issue, but no one can help sweating. Here in Oklahoma there is like a 3 month gap where I cant wear lolita at all, Im in shorts and tanks because of the heat... Yikes! 

9. Which Lolita Brands do you like?
Metamorphose is becoming my absolute favorite. I used to love Baby the Stars Shine Bright (gosh, I still do!) but everything Meta puts out is so fresh and cute! I also really like Innocent World, Mary Magdelene, and love pretty much everything Emily Temple Cute puts out. (I also secretly love Liz Lisa and MARS, but thats not lolita related!)

10. What was the first Lolita item that you’ve owned?
A handmade OP, underskirt, petti and blouse I made. ^^; It wasnt the most horrible, but it wasnt the best either. My first brand piece was a BTSSB jsk I later traded. I still really like it, though.

11. What is the “must have!” Lolita item?
For me, its gotta be the skirt! It seems like such a staple item, but without the right shape, something goes from 'lolita' to just 'cute'!

12. Do you wear drawers?
Yup! I have several. Medium white ones my friend made me for normal wear, short Meta bloomers for hot days, and long flannel bloomers my friend made for cold weather! They look so cute, I love wearing them!

13. Do you have any favourite Japanese music?
I dont really listen to Japanese music. Sorry! But if I had to choose I really like The Pillows!

14. Where do you particularly visit as Lolita?
No where in particular, I usually like to go out and have lunch at a cute cafe, but there are a lot less of those in the city (as opposed to the little town I used to live in), so I usually just wear it to hang out with my friends. I would feel silly going grocery shopping in lolita ^^;

15. About how many times per week do you dress as Lolita?
I used to do it every day! ... But right now it happens to be that time of the year, so I actually havent worn lolita in a long time. I usually wear it at least 4-5 times a week.

16. Please tell us about one embarrassing episode from the time when you were
just beginning Lolita.
I was at a con, in a very badly coordinated outfit... Bad hair, very little make-up, and even though my outfit was brand, it was really short on me... And one of my lolita idols approached me and told me how much she loved poodles, and how cute I was! She was so nice, but I was totally humiliated! I wish my outfit had been better when I first met her!

17. What's hairstyle and color that you think Lolita would suite the most?
I really like ashy-blond with lolita is cute, with bangs and pigtails! Brown looks great braided, and red looks cute short, while black hair looks cute long and straight! Any style/color looks great, though!

18. Have you ever thought of stopping Lolita? The reason?
A few times... My boyfriend at the time was really degrading, so it was hard to wear it around him while constantly being berated. Im so happy Im out of that situation now! Other times Ive just been insecure. But Ive always come back, I love the fashion!

19. Please tell us your heart's bible as a Lolita. (anything like a book, magazine, CD, idol...)
Wizard of Oz! I love that story!

20. Do you own a doll? Tell us your feelings about her intensely!
I dont, Im sorry! My doll is my dog, my adorable Athena! Shes a little welsh corgi, who has too much energy to keep up with. I wouldnt call her a doll at all, she wouldnt stand to be dressed up!

21. What kind of make-up do you wear when you wear Lolita clothes?
Concealer, foundation, blush, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, false eyelashes, lip stick or colored gloss, and I just got circle lenses! Pretty tame compared to some!

22. Have you ever secretly changed clothes in a train station bathroom on Lolita day-out?
Ive changed in my car before (haha)... I think I was seeing some friends later that hadnt seen me in lolita, and I was going to ease them into it...

23. Are you composed when doing Lolita all by yourself?
Absolutely! Wearing lolita by myself, as silly and naive as it sounds, makes me feel really graceful. I know I just look silly, but wearing lolita alone makes it feel almost more like an outfit then just crazy clothes Im wearing with my friends. (Of course, its more fun with friends!)

24. How much do you spend in your Lolita clothes& accessary monthly?
I buy myself something every month (just one thing a month!) so it varies every month. It could be under 20, or it could be 200 depending on my funds and what I want!

25. What is the most expensive Lolita thing you've bought so far? How much was it?
Wonder Party... It was more than my rent... I think it was 350. I see now I was ripped off... (sigh)

26. So far about how much has the expense been for Lolita goods?
Id rather not think about it!

27. Lolita outfit really costs money. How do you raise money to cover the cost of
I work really hard! Im planning on working two jobs so I can afford a great lifestyle and lolita!

28. Have you ever bought from an online store? If so, please tell us its good
and bad points and some advice for the future. If not, please tell us why not.
Ive bought from Baby and Meta. I got lucky packs! There wasnt much communication, but everything went very smoothly. No complaints! Just do research before you try to buy!

29. Even if you sort of want to keep it a secret, please clandestinely tell us
about a private manufacturer that is the best.
A lot of the sellers on the egl-comm-sales are actually very talented!

30. Is there a brand and/or an item that you think, "I could never get it! But I unreasonably want it!"?
Sugary Carnival... I hate it! But I want it! I would never wear it! But I wish I could try it on!

31. What do you think about people who only do Lolita at music-lives or cosplay?
Nothing wrong with that... Its a little strange to me, but to a lot of people lolita really does look like a costume, so I can see why they would only wear it at those kinds of events.

32. From what age to what age is it acceptable to do Lolita? Do you think that there's a state in which someone must graduate from
Lolita? (you can answer as ‘never graduate’)
I think a lolita should be at least 16 or 17... There are exceptions... And you can never graduate! I just feel like someone a little older would know the value of the clothing a little better than someone who just gets the clothes because they want them. Buying them with money earned feels great! ...But I suppose there are always people who would disagree.

33. Is there a Lolita fashion or behavior that you think "I don't want Lolitas to do this!" about?
Ive always hated them... One-sleeved shirts! They drive me crazy! They wouldnt fit the lolita aesthetic at all! 

34. Is there something you think "Lolita has to be this way!" about?
Pretty. It doesnt matter how, whether you are princess pretty, punk pretty, classic pretty, cute pretty... Thats what its about. 

35. While doing Lolita, has something changed from earlier than you did Lolita?
I think Ive become a lot more fashion conscience! (Or maybe just a fashion victim?) 

36. Do you go to school/work as Lolita?
I cant go to work in lolita (I used to!) and currently my college classes are only offered online, but I suppose I do!

37. Do you wear Lolita clothes as casual wear?
Yup! I prefer them over normal clothing.

38. Do you have a boyfriend (or husband)? Do you understand each other? (I think she meant “Does he understand you (as lolita)?”)
I have a fiance, and he doesnt totally understand it, but he is very supportive and loves to see me in it :)

39. What do the people around you think of your doing Lolita? Do they accept it?
My friends equate it to their Magic: The Gathering obsession (somehow), and my family thinks its cute.

40. What kind of Lolita is who has impressed you the most up until now?
Sweet. Its crazy how much they can put into one outfit! OTT is just not for me though.

41. Have you ever made your own Lolita clothing or/and accessories? If so, what was the best item that you’ve made?
Yup! I would say a bonnet Ive made... Im not very crafty ^^;

42. If you have an ideal Lolita outfit or coordination, please tell us.
Its hard to say! I have a bad habit of buying things I think are cute then figuring out a coordinate later ^^;

43. Is there a motif that you think “this is a simple of Lolita”?
POODLES. I love poodle everything!

44. Would you want to dress your children as Lolita?
No way... Like I said, I think lolita has to be worn by someone older, and I think it should be a choice. Its a very loud fashion, after all!

45. What's your image of the ideal Lolita?
I dont need to imagine it, Ive seen my friends several times, and they are ideal to me! :)

Thank you for letting me answer! This was fun!
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