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My q45!

(I actually made one of these already when I was a stupid n00b.... I've grown up as a lolita a lot since then and changed the majority of my silly opinions, so I deleted the old entry and am now writing a new one. I hope that's okay!)

1. Please tell us your Hand Name (name that’s used ONLY in internet.) and hometown.
As in, my handle on the internet? I have a few, so let's just stick with 64-palms. I like to keep my online i.d.'s separate for the most part. I'm from western North Carolina.
2. About how long is your history as a Lolita?
I'm pretty sure my one-year anniversary passed last week, actually.
3. What first motivated you to do Lolita fashion?
I think it's really cute and elegant. To be honest, I'm still working on wearing it more often, though...
4. After knowing Lolita fashion, have you had any time-gap or resistance till you actually started to be Lolita?
Yes. I actually don't wear it a whole lot, much to my chagrin, but I'm working on it! I was on and off for a while, and I went on a long hiatus until just recently, when I've started getting seriously back into it.
5. Please define your Lolita style as much as possible. (eg. gothic Lolita, sweet Lolita, white Lolita…. Etc).
I like Classic and Gothic the most. What I actually wear is a mix between the two, but casual and toned-down.
6. About how many Lolita friends do you have?
In real life? One. I'm still not sure if she's as into it as I am, but it's a start!
7. What is the best thing about doing Lolita?
It gives me something to immerse myself in. I'm homeschooled and not highly social, so a lot of what I do is, well, hanging out at home, which can get kind of boring. Lolita keeps me on my toes, always looking at pictures online, building co-ords from my closet, making jewelry and accessories, learning to do hair and make-up, etc. I'm so into it that I don't have time to get bored! (I do have other interests though... I'm not a monomaniac!)
8. Conversely, what's the worst thing?
Actually wearing it out in public. It always seems like, "oh, this is going to be THE time when I go out in lolita with full confidence!" but then I always end up getting self-conscious and paranoid, and then I don't wear it again for a while.
9. Which Lolita Brands do you like?
I don't own any brand and probably won't for a while (heck, I can't work up the courage to get my 'rents to help me order from Bodyline D:) but I like Moite a lot.
10. What was the first Lolita item that you’ve owned?
Technically, a black petticoat I had for a dance recital. I know a lot of people don't like light-poof petties, but I do, and that thing is still serving me well.
11. What is the “must have!” Lolita item?
Like, what I think a vital lolita item is? Cute shoes!
12. Do you wear drawers?
Eh? I wear underwear, tights or socks if it's not too hot, and a petticoat.......
13. Do you have any favourite Japanese music?
I like Shugo Tokumaru a lot. He's like.... low-fi, Japanese acoustic hipster music?
14. Where do you particularly visit as Lolita?
This is actually something I've been thinking about a lot because I don't have one of those places. What kind of locations are "lolita outing" type places? I mostly wear it if I go to a play or something like that, or sometimes out to lunch if we're going somewhere nice.
15. About how many times per week do you dress as Lolita?
Almost never. I'm trying to get better at this.
16. Please tell us about one embarrassing episode from the time when you were
just beginning Lolita.
Ugh... so many. Mostly I just thought I was more experienced than I was.
17. What's hairstyle and color that you think Lolita would suite the most?
I think anything is fine, as long as your hair looks nice, particularly if it looks "decorated" with a headband or clips or something.
18. Have you ever thought of stopping Lolita? The reason?
Yeah, every once in a while. Honestly, I thought the long break I just came out of was the end of my Lolita career. I don't know that I'd ever be able to fully escape it.....
19. Please tell us your heart's bible as a Lolita. (anything like a book, magazine, CD, idol...)
Something that really inspires me to be a good lolita? Caro-chan's F Yeah Lolita blog. I just love the way she breaks everything down and makes the style seem more accessible.
20. Do you own a doll? Tell us your feelings about her intensely!
No I don't.
21. What kind of make-up do you wear when you wear Lolita clothes?
My usual 'old hollywood' look- copper eyeshadow, black winged eyeliner on the top lid only, mascara, orangey blush, reddish lipstick (or if I'm feeling more gothic, purple lipstick.)
22. Have you ever secretly changed clothes in a train station bathroom on Lolita day-out?
23. Are you composed when doing Lolita all by yourself?
No. I really wish I had a friend who would wear lolita out with me (my friend I mentioned earlier is only allowed to wear lolita as a costume or to parties at our anime club, sadly.)
24. How much do you spend in your Lolita clothes& accessary monthly?
Not a lot, especially considering a) I don't buy brand and b) I haven't bought anything lolita-related in months.
25. What is the most expensive Lolita thing you've bought so far? How much was it?
The most expensive thing I own is a $60 offbrand JSK (okay, it's a sundress,) that I got as a gift. The most expensive thing I've purchased with my own money? Probably my black boots, which really aren't solely lolita anyway, but they were $50.
26. So far about how much has the expense been for Lolita goods?
I don't know. I'm pretty sure it's under $100, surprisingly.
27. Lolita outfit really costs money. How do you raise money to cover the cost of
I haven't bought or considered buying anything wallet-starvingly expensive yet.....
28. Have you ever bought from an online store? If so, please tell us its good
and bad points and some advice for the future. If not, please tell us why not.
Not yet! I'm thinking about it soon.
29. Even if you sort of want to keep it a secret, please clandestinely tell us
about a private manufacturer that is the best.
30. Is there a brand and/or an item that you think, "I could never get it! But I unreasonably want it!"?
Not really.
31. What do you think about people who only do Lolita at music-lives or cosplay?
In the past, I would've jumped to say, "they're not real lolitas!" But now I know that sometimes it's more complicated than that. I'm sure my friend (and other people like her) would love to wear lolita outside of parties and cosplay, but her parents won't let her. It has nothing to do with 'how much of a lolita' she is.
32. From what age to what age is it acceptable to do Lolita? Do you think that there's a state in which someone must graduate from Lolita? (you can answer as ‘never graduate’)
This is a tough one. I'll leave it at this: I don't think you have to give up lolita ever if it's what you really love, but you need to let it grow and change with you. I think there's a point at which you just know what is and isn't working for you anymore.
33. Is there a Lolita fashion or behavior that you think "I don't want Lolitas to do this!" about?
Anything that seems really fetish-y or sexualized. I don't want people to get the wrong impression about lolita, since it's hard enough to defend it as a legitimate fashion as it is.
34. Is there something you think "Lolita has to be this way!" about?
Not really.
35. While doing Lolita, has something changed from earlier than you did Lolita?
Oh, soooo much.
36. Do you go to school/work as Lolita?
I'm homeschooled and unemployed ;A;
37. Do you wear Lolita clothes as casual wear?
38. Do you have a boyfriend (or husband)? Do you understand each other? (I think she meant “Does he understand you (as lolita)?”)
Nope. I'm single and NOT looking for anyone, thanks!
39. What do the people around you think of your doing Lolita? Do they accept it?
I'm.... not quite sure. My sister seems cool with it, and even 'dresses fancy' with me when I wear lolita. My mom is pretty accepting of everything, but she's shown signs of having variable levels of distaste for lolita, mostly because of the name I think. My dad doesn't even care at all. I think I could walk out in a banana suit and he wouldn't raise an eyebrow.
40. What kind of Lolita is who has impressed you the most up until now?
Again, Caro-chan really inspires me.
41. Have you ever made your own Lolita clothing or/and accessories? If so, what was the best item that you’ve made?
Yes! I made one dress. It's really pretty, but it doesn't fit me. I've made a lot of small accessories, too.
42. If you have an ideal Lolita outfit or coordination, please tell us.
Anything with my mint-green JSK!
43. Is there a motif that you think “this is a simple of Lolita”?
What did I just read?
44. Would you want to dress your children as Lolita?
No, I think that would be kind of weird. If my kids (which I do not want anyway) wanted to wear it, though, I wouldn't care.
45. What's your image of the ideal Lolita?
That is very complicated. I'm not quite sure yet.
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