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45 questions ^.^ answered

1. Please tell us your Hand Name (name that’s used ONLY in internet.) and hometown.
mostly I use chan in my usernames. I live in Nietap, The Netherlands
2. About how long is your history as a Lolita?
aprox. 3 years, I bought my first outfit in 2009 at the Mfashion shop in Bilthoven
3. What first motivated you to do Lolita fashion?
I think it was all the pretty clothes. I thought: I've finally found the fashion style that suits me 
4. After knowing Lolita fashion, have you had any time-gap or resistance till you actually started to be Lolita?
after a year being an ita xD I bought my first real lolita clothing
5. Please define your Lolita style as much as possible. (eg. gothic Lolita, sweet Lolita, white Lolita…. Etc).
Sweet Lolita, maybe a bit old school and classic
6. About how many Lolita friends do you have?
none, there aren't much here
7. What is the best thing about doing Lolita?
I feel I can be myself in it and it gives me convidence
8. Conversely, what's the worst thing?
brand is so expensive. and most of the time the clothing is too long for me (I'm only 5') or is too wide in the bust
9. Which Lolita Brands do you like?
Baby and AP
10. What was the first Lolita item that you’ve owned?
a Heart E tired polkadot skirt with matching bustier and AP Tea party's in white 
11. What is the “must have!” Lolita item?
12. Do you wear drawers?
13. Do you have any favourite Japanese music?
I like SuG the most
14. Where do you particularly visit as Lolita?
15. About how many times per week do you dress as Lolita?
always when I'm out of the house
16. Please tell us about one embarrassing episode from the time when you were
just beginning Lolita.
making a horrible skirt with the wrong shape and a horible satin like headbow
17. What's hairstyle and color that you think Lolita would suite the most?
blond or light brown with curls and mayne pigtails with curls too
18. Have you ever thought of stopping Lolita? The reason?
yes. sometimes I think I should stop because people sometimes think that I'm not serious and not grown up. ofcourse I want to be taken serious, but they have to accept that this is me
19. Please tell us your heart's bible as a Lolita. (anything like a book, magazine, CD, idol...)
Kamikaze Girls
20. Do you own a doll? Tell us your feelings about her intensely!
I found a really pretty vintage (?) doll at the thrift store, I call her Babeth Letoile. normally I don't like these kind of dolls, because they have sometimes really strange faces, but she was really pretty. I love her dress too!
21. What kind of make-up do you wear when you wear Lolita clothes?
foundation, mascara, white eyeliner
22. Have you ever secretly changed clothes in a train station bathroom on Lolita day-out?
23. Are you composed when doing Lolita all by yourself?
24. How much do you spend in your Lolita clothes& accessary monthly?
I don't but it often, so I don't know. It's not much
25. What is the most expensive Lolita thing you've bought so far? How much was it?
my AP teaparties €170
26. So far about how much has the expense been for Lolita goods?
maybe € 550? or € 600
27. Lolita outfit really costs money. How do you raise money to cover the cost of
saving and buying second hand or Bodyline
28. Have you ever bought from an online store? If so, please tell us its good
and bad points and some advice for the future. If not, please tell us why not.
only Bodyline. you know it's reputation, but I hadn't bad experiences
29. Even if you sort of want to keep it a secret, please clandestinely tell us
about a private manufacturer that is the best.
I would love to promote myself xD In the future I want to sell my own designs
30. Is there a brand and/or an item that you think, "I could never get it! But I unreasonably want it!"?
an AP print. doesn't matter which one, as long it is in pastel colours
31. What do you think about people who only do Lolita at music-lives or cosplay?
I'm fine with that, but it has to be really lolita and not something cosplay-ish
32. From what age to what age is it acceptable to do Lolita? Do you think that there's a state in which someone must graduate from
Lolita? (you can answer as ‘never graduate’)
I think under the 14 is a bit to young. you really have to know who you are and to need confidence. you're too old when you look old yourself. especially with sweet
33. Is there a Lolita fashion or behavior that you think "I don't want Lolitas to do this!" about?
cosplay and ita. though ita can't be prevented. and having sex in Lolita clothes. please, don't try to get stains on the clothes you love...
34. Is there something you think "Lolita has to be this way!" about?
Pretty and elegant.
35. While doing Lolita, has something changed from earlier than you did Lolita?
I got more confident and I want everything as pretty as possible
36. Do you go to school/work as Lolita?
37. Do you wear Lolita clothes as casual wear?
38. Do you have a boyfriend (or husband)? Do you understand each other? (I think she meant “Does he understand you (as lolita)?”)
I've never had a real relationship :-(
39. What do the people around you think of your doing Lolita? Do they accept it?
yes, friends and family do
40. What kind of Lolita is who has impressed you the most up until now?
I guess it was an Italian brolita, at first I didn't know that he was a male, he really impressed me
41. Have you ever made your own Lolita clothing or/and accessories? If so, what was the best item that you’ve made?
yes, my favourite is my Classic Flowers strapless OP, it's my only classic piece so far
42. If you have an ideal Lolita outfit or coordination, please tell us.
my first lolita outfit (it sounds like a children's book xD)
43. Is there a motif that you think “this is a simple of Lolita”?
what does this question mean?
44. Would you want to dress your children as Lolita?
yes, but only if they want to
45. What's your image of the ideal Lolita?
someone who has everything pretty and is happy in life
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